Trends keep changing and it’s not always possible to keep up with them. Not everyone has the budget to revamp their wardrobe with the changes of the season. We took the liberty to list a couple of items that are necessary to have all year-round.

With the festive season now well past us, it’s time to get back into routine and get down to business. Feeling like you don’t have enough time to make it all work?

Here are the 5 perfect trends to use to make your day work better with that business vs social life balance!

2014 was truly the year for hot trends in hair, make-up, clothing and accessories. The options were unlimited. Whatever your particular style or fashion preference, there was something out there that would appeal to you! Accessory trends took their cue from the make-up aisle with bright, eye-popping accessories impossible to ignore! Lets sum up the top 5 of the year:

?Do you have any habits that could harm your work or career? Or do you have a habit that is just plain annoying? Maybe you can't put down that Blackberry for more than two minutes, or you procrastinate finishing important work tasks, or you click on that Facebook page when you're supposed to be focusing on your work. You might even let habits like watching too much television or excessive Internet surfing stop you from connecting to those people that are present and important in your daily life.

You are at the New Year's party - a million memories of the past year floods your mind. 

With the start of a New Year upon us we often resort to making stringent New Year’s resolutions we seldom end up keeping. But we believe strongly in the following 10 must do things for 2015. 

How will bid adieu to 2014? Without much thought and barely a glance back? Or, do you bend down and kiss the ground you walk on because you made it through another year – just barely!

Not only did 2014 see a bold and beautiful make-up come-back, nails also experienced a revival in the fashion world. Glamming it up was considered a definite fashion must-have, as we waved goodbye to the stately French Manicure of old. As with the make-up trends, nail looks were inspired, coated in golds, bolds and anything that catches the eye. Less was never enough and as long they made a statement, you couldn't make a wrong choice. Nails were tie-dyed, ombre'ed and literally became tiny works of art. Let's have a quick review...

2014 has been a landmark year for bright vibrant colors, making a comeback in fashion trends everywhere. From clothes to shoes, and makeup to hair color. Bold and muted, patterned or plain, shimmering or matte, it has been a vibrant, colorful year for fashionistas expressing themselves in wearable fashions. At the end of this year, we look back at top 5 Make-Up trends and see no exception with favored colors emerging on eyelids, cheeks and lips. Be it bright orange, shimmering pinks, hued blues and bold metallics, dramatic or understated, make-up played a huge role in the fashion run this past year. Here are the top 5 Make-Up picks for 2014.

Lets be realistic, Christmas in South Africa will probably never ever be white. The weather outside may be frightful, and the fire may be delightful but it South African terms that means that is nearly 33 degrees and the coals are ready for the braai.

So instead of a white Christmas the Global Girl chooses something to match the weather and our fiery temperament and we opt for a Red Christmas this year. Read our Global Girls Guide to a Red Christmas.