The meaning of what it is to be an empowered woman varies from woman to woman. But one constant remains, women have the power to rise above adversity and in most cases, quietly forge ahead, unnoticed, advocating change.

World Sleep Day is rolling around on the 18th of March this year and although this annual event is intended to be a celebration of sleep and a call to action on important issues related to sleep, we found it essential to remind you about the importance of Beauty Sleep. When it comes to your beauty routine sleep is probably the closest equivalent to a fountain of youth. Your body repairs itself and recovers while you snooze, and that leads to a long list of benefits for your looks. The key is to get enough shut-eye -- 7 to 9 quality hours each night.

Full eyebrows are the hottest look on the runways this season. Your brows are an accessory. Well-groomed brows give a more finished appearance. The trick is not to change the shape of your natural brow, but to subtly fill them in, following your natural line and shape to create a fuller look. Using the correct product to create this look is key! Here are a few tools you can use to get that fleek look.

Whether you are still in love or if you need some inspiration to fall in love with your skin again, here are some of the top love songs of time, what love song would you sing to your skin? 

We have all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine” right? A lot of studies have shown how laughter can be good for your body. Imagine taking a few years off your face without any surgery. Well laughter can do just that for you. Laughter acts as a natural anti-ageing agent that helps you look younger, feel active and also makes you fit, both mentally and physically. 

Busy making a list of things you're going to do better in 2016? While you are busy, why not add some beauty habits that you can start with, in 2016. It’s that time of year again, New year, New me. Don’t know where to start, well…good thing you’ve got us. 

At Perfect 10 we all come from different backgrounds, experiences, stages of life, genders and ethnicities. To us beauty is not a set standard but rather a fluid concept that differs in the eye of each individual beholder. To celebrate this diversity we would like to introduce a special set of characters into our Perfect 10 family.  


The icy winter air can leave your skin feeling and looking dull and dry. Toasty baths, showers and aircon heated environments can leave your skin feeling scaly and itchy. Now that were stripping off the numerous layers that hid away our skin shame it’s time to give some much needed TLC to your skin. With a few simple steps your skin can look silky smooth and glowing for spring.

Are you in desperate need of the perfect glow after your skin taken a turn down dull lane this Winter? Look no further than Nimue, who’s currently running an exclusive product promotion at Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studio.

Well we all know that winter has its toll on our skin and most of us have the remedies at the touch of our finger tips by googling home care remedies to restore your skin, a teaspoon of sugar and a dash of honey, some olive oil here and a bit of avocado there.