Hot Stone Massage
Aromatherapy Massage

Swedish Massage


Repairs and Heals Damaged Skin…


Daily, we are damaging our skin just by living.

It is unavoidable and bound to happen.

From things like spending to much  time in the sun to falling asleep with your makeup on.

Photoprotective Effect…


Boosts Collagen Synthesis
Longing for firm, wrinkless skin?
The answer is collagen.

Anti-Acne Effect…


You are an adult woman, past your teenage breakout days, going about your life, and then all of a sudden… Breakout!

And you are there wondering what the cause of these breakouts are.

Is it your diet?

Is it stress?

Inhibits Melanogenesis…

Why does skin come in different colours? Why does skin tan in the sun? What makes us get sun spots?

The answer is Melanin, the pigment responsible for our skin colour and spots.

Listen to your skin...

Repair your skin after from damage left by summer.