Life is like Waxing…

Yes you heard right waxing… and no we don’t mean that stuff you put on furniture or cars.

The life long romance of self-love.

Oscar Wilde stated:
          “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”

Valentines date

There’s nothing like the pressure of a date on Valentine’s Day to be a Chick-Flick worthy night out, 

The Language we all know – Love

Love! One the most extraordinary and satisfying experiences we can have as human beings. But what is Love really?

Global Girl's Guide to Self-Love

Sex and the City, taught us so many things, like its okay for Girls to run the world, it okay to indulge on shoes, cause life is too short to

Fail-Safe Fashion

Trends keep changing and it’s not always possible to keep up with them.

Perfectly Trending: Back to Business

With the festive season now well past us, it’s time to get back into routine and get down to business.