Repairs and Heals Damaged Skin…


Daily, we are damaging our skin just by living.

It is unavoidable and bound to happen.

From things like spending to much  time in the sun to falling asleep with your makeup on.

Not drinking enough water, to the seasonal changes and humidity in the air can also dry out and damage our skin. 


Vitamin E is the answer to parched and dehydrated skin. It is a nutrient to the skin and helps keep it nourished. Other benefits of Vitamin E to the skin are reversing premature aging, acting as a cleansing agent, moisturising, treating sunburn and lightening dark spots.


Skinderm’s Intense Nourishing Oil contains Vitamin E to help repair and heal damaged skin.


You can purchase the Skinderm Intense Nourishing Oil at any Perfect 10 salon nationwide for just R420.00.