Photoprotective Effect…


Most of us know that the sun can damage and age our skin. Most of us embrace the sunscreen for those weekend hikes or trips to the beach. However, unless we are headed to the beach for the day, not many of us think of protecting our skin from the sun.


The premature aging of the skin due to sun damage is known as photoaging. Whilst a sunburn is the immediate price you pay for spending time in the sun without lathering up, photoaging is a reminder to us years later.


You cant go back in time but you can stop the chain of events with proper, daily sun protection without having to lather up in sunscreen. The intense nourishing oil from Skinderm have a photoprotective effect which helps protect skin molecules being damaged from the sunlight using Vitamin C.


You can purchase the Skinderm Intense Nourishing Oil at any Perfect10 salon nationwide for just R420.00.