Indian Head Massage
A pampering day out can be more than just that. Each massage technique has its own set of benefits that can aid your body. Instead of blissfully choosing a massage treatment from a catalogue, why not be sure to choose the one with the most benefits to you. If you are wondering which one that is, here is some insight.
An Indian head massage is a technique that originated over a thousand years ago in India.
In an Indian Head massage, the therapist will strive to restore balance and harmony by working on three areas namely the base of the throat, the forehead and the crown.
As there are several acupressure points on the head, an Indian head massage should feel like reflexology, felt through the entire body.
The benefits of an Indian head massage include:
•Helps prevent headaches and migraines
•Detoxifies the body •Promotes hair growth
•Good for sinuses
•Reduces stress and anxiety
•Helps with sleeplessness and insomnia
•Renews energy levels
Besides the ‘making us feel great’ the benefits of the Indian Head massage speak for itself – it’s a no-brainer!