Frequently asked questions

Although this happens very seldom there is a chance that your skin might experience some dry flaky patches when you start a new skin care routine.

Dry patches usually appear if your skin is used to skin care products with low levels of active ingredients, and you switch to a skin care range with high levels of active ingredients. This normally last for 2 – 4 weeks, and should this condition persist you might have to consider a different skin care range.

A good skin care routine should consist of the following:


Morning Skin Care Routine:




Eye Cream

Day Lotion / Cream



Evening Skin Care Routine




Eye Cream

Night Lotion/Cream


Bi-Weekly Skin Care Routine



A massage can be one of the most relaxing treatments, but you should remember that there is a variety of massage techniques used, and some may be more painful than others. A sports massage or deep tissue massage is designed to relax stiff muscles and you would experience some discomfort during this treatment, whereas an aromatherapy massage makes use of light stroking movements.

Always remember that as the client you are allowed to ask your therapist to reduce pressure if the massage becomes too uncomfortable.

Stay out of the sun. That is the most important rule to follow when you are trying to improve the appearance of dark marks or pigmentation. Always use an SPF and NO, your foundation is not enough. Regular exfoliation is also important to speed up the skins natural renewal proses and a skin lightening treatment should also be used. Try the brightening+ elixir from skinderm. This intensive radiance boosting serum combines the power of Vitamin C and Mulberry extract to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone to reveal a bright, clear and even complexion. Always use Derm Protect SPF 25 in combination with the Brightening+ Elixir.

Depending on the depth of your acne scars, several treatment options are available. Micro-needling is a great treatment that assists with rebuilding the collagen structure of the skin and helps to even out the skin texture. Chemical Peels are also a great way to treat uneven skin texture and improve the appearance of acne scars. Remember that you will need a minimum of 6 treatments to see the desired results.  

Chemical peels are facial treatments used to smooth out the texture and improve the appearance of the skin .A chemical solution is applied to the skin, where it breaks the bonds that hold skin cells together; the skin will then start peeling revealing smoother, softer less wrinkled skin. Remember that your new skin is very sensitive and sun exposure should be avoided. Keep skin moist to assist with the tight feeling after treatment.

No, chemical peels do not damage your skin, unless the treatment is incorrectly applied, or the recommended homecare was not followed. Always ensure that you 100% comfortable with the therapist preforming the treatment, and ask as many questions as needed to ensure you have all the information about your treatment and homecare.


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