Fall Skin Care Tip #03

Repair your skin after from damage left by summer.

Certain skin types are prone to increase in sensitivity during summer. This can be for many reasons, from heat, chlorine to sun. Those with a skin type like this should exfoliate minimally during summer. But come fall, exfoliation is crucial to repair and brighten-up your complexion, no matter what your skin type is.

Regular exfoliation is essential for reducing breakouts, removing dead skin cells that trap oil, lifting skin discoloration (such as sun spots and acne scars), removing dull, tired, dry skin and encourage fresher, plumper cells to form. All this will give your skin a flawless finish and ensure maximum absorption of your other skin care products for optimal results, like the active hydrating ingredients in your moisturiser (Read more about our Moisturise and Protect Fall skin care tip by CLICKING HERE).

Include a Retinol serum into your skin care routine as well, whether it's a non-prescribe retinol serum or prescription retinoid (please consult with a dermatologist for any medical/prescription skin care products). Retinol (Vitamin A) will help to reduce the appearance of brown spots caused by the summer sun, lines and wrinkles.

Retinol is one of the most effective skin texture smoothing products out there and should be an akin care must have to us all.

At Perfect 10 we know that your skin is important especially as the temperatures are dropping, which is why we will be giving you Free* moisturiser when you purchase 2 Skinderm products of your choice during March 2018. If your new to the Skinderm skin care range, please feel free to contact your preferred Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studio for a skin analysis and product recommendation.

*Skinderm Moisturiser suitable for your skin type. Terms and conditions apply. Offer only valid from 1 - 31 March 2018 while promotional stock last.