Fall Skin Care Tip #02

Moisturise & Protect your skin during the Fall / Autumn sseason.

A light weighted moisturiser is more than enough for most skin types during summer, but going a little heavier to prevent moisturise loss during fall's cool temperatures. Like our previous article (Change your cleansing routine and boost hydration) switch up your cleanser from a gel cleanser to a milky cleanser, if your using a light moisturiser change it to a medium, add in a nourishing oil into your skin care routine, include a bi-weekly moisture mask, the options just goes on.

We often think that when the temperatures are cooler, the sun isn't harmful. It's False! Fall (similar to spring) is still a season where a lot of UV damage is incurred. The UVB rays (those responsible for suntans and sunburns) may not be as strong during this time of the year but UVA rays (those that cause skin cancer and premature wrinkles) are just as strong as what they were in December and January. Skin protection is a year round job and you should therefore ensure that you include a SPF formulated specifically as part of a skin care routine and apply it to your face, neck and any exposed areas of your chest.

At perfect 10 we know that your skin is important especially as the temperatures are dropping, which is why we will be giving you Free* moisturiser when you purchase 2 Skinderm products of your choice during March 2018. If your new to the Skinderm skin care range, please feel free to contact your preferred Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studio for a skin analysis and product recommendation.

*Skinderm Moisturiser suitable for your skin type. Terms and conditions apply. Offer only valid from 1 - 31 March 2018 while promotional stock last.