Fall Skin Care Tip #01

Change your cleansing routine & boost hydration.

Gel and foam cleansers are great for a deep cleanse during summer but it can become drying as summer temperatures start to change and cool down. Keep in mind that as we enter into fall, temperatures drop and the air becomes more dry, therefore skin produce less oil.

A good rule of thumb during fall months is to wash with a gel cleanser which is pH balanced in the morning and a milky cleanser at night. The gel  will ensure that you still have that deep pore cleansing effect while the milky cleanser will offer you a more gentle cleanse at night when your skin is restores itself. Using a routine like this will give your skin a balanced cleansing cycle as the air cools down and starts drying out.

Don't ignore your toner in your skin care routine and if you're not using a toner, now is a good time to start.

Toners are a perfect way of giving your skin the hydration it desperately needs. Using a cotton round, wipe toner over the skin after cleansing it morning and night and immediately apply your serum and/or moisturiser while it's still damp to seal in the hydration and for maximum active ingredients absorption. For an added benefit carry your toner in your bag during the day and spritz it over your skin to ensure your skin stays refreshed, moisturised and radiant all day.

At perfect 10 we know that your skin is important especially as the temperatures are dropping, which is why we will be giving you Free* moisturiser when you purchase 2 Skinderm products of your choice during March 2018. If your new to the Skinderm skin care range, please feel free to contact your preferred Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studio for a skin analysis and product recommendation.

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