Welcome 2015. Make this year count.

You are at the New Year's party - a million memories of the past year floods your mind. 

Maybe it was a successful year where you achieved your goals and accomplished dreams. Perhaps you feel like you haven't gotten anywhere - as if you are stuck in a rut. Or maybe you are more than relieved that 2014 is over - not one of the best years.

Regardless of how your year turned out - remember that a New Year is on the horizon. Just as the sun rises on the first of January, so your new goals and dreams also rise and take foot in your life. Life moves on, and time doesn't wait for anybody. Living in your past success or past failures will get you stuck in a rut and left behind!

Set short term goals along with your long term goals this year. Have your short term goals fit into the bigger picture that is your long term goal. Take it one day at a time - because worrying about the past and future won't get you anywhere. It's TODAY that counts. After all, it is today's actions that will determine tomorrow's reactions. By making the best of each day, you will be making the best of tomorrow.

Finally, it is good to realise that not everything is in your control. So just say a prayer and jump into 2015 with passion and vigour!