Weird & Wonderful Beauty Treatments

Outrageous measures to stay young and beautiful is definitely not a new trend among people. For years, we've seen women and men go to great lengths to try and stop the ageing process. These days, we hardly have time to get used to one extreme beauty practice before being hit with the next new mysterious solution or treatment that has surfaced from some ancient writing.

Remember a few years back when Botox actually seemed like a procedure that would have your neighbor whispering into the ear of her book club’s chairperson over a cup of tea? Since then, even something as seemingly scary as needles to the face has become nothing more extreme than quickly popping into a grocer to buy milk and bread after work.

So the big question is; when does beauty procedures leave the realm of sanity and just become plain crazy? Have a look at these Weird & Wonderful beauty treatments. 

Cactus Massage
This massage is popular in Mexico. It uses cactus paddles (luckily needle-free) and combines it with chocolate, vanilla or honey. The massage is known for its revitalizing properties that will rehydrate your muscles and remove toxins.

Snail Slime Moisturizer
Highly popular in Tokyo, Japan - the massage technique makes your skin softer and shinier. The snails are organically raised and the mucus they secrete (aka the slime) contains powerful proteins and antioxidants which helps retain skin moisture and soothe inflammation.

24-Karat Gold Facial
Cleopatra is rumoured to have done it every night. The Gold Facial is known for regenerating your youthful skin by removing dead skin cells and oxidizing your skin.

Carp Pedicure
Garra Rufa (known as the Dr Fish) is a tiny flesh eating fish and is used in this treatment, it involves dunking your feet into tanks filled with Turkish miniature toothless carp. The carp serves as a replacement for pedicures that use razors to scrape off dead skin and can help with hyperpigmentation.

Geisha Nightingale Excrement Facial - Japanese
The facial makes use of nightingale droppings and is said to whiten the skin and balance tone. The excrement is mixed with rice bran for the purpose of exfoliation and then massaged into the skin. 

Whether you would try these extreme beauty treatments or rather just stick to your favourite Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studio, you have to admit: Beauty is definitely not a dull topic!!