Treatment Focus - Spa Pedicure

Only the best product and utensils are used with a Spa pedicure.  Beside for the air of relaxation we ensure that the pedicure environment is hygienic and all utensils have been disinfected. The Spa pedicure is an hour long, where clients enjoy extensive pampering while lounging in our comfortable pedi chairs.

We start our spa pedicure by soaking the feet in warm water with a relaxing soak. The water and soak aids in removing dirt, disinfecting feet and softening tough calluses. It also aids in softening the cuticles and nails which helps to prepare the nail for painting.

Once the feet have had sufficient time to soak, the dry rough skin is then removed. Your qualified technician will use a scrub to help remove dead skin and leave feet silky soft and smooth. The therapist also uses a pedi file to rid the feet of thick dry skin and calluses leaving the feet feeling smooth and pampered.

The feet are then dried and a generous amount of massage cream or oil is used. This part of the process is the most anticipated as our feet are connected to every part of the body, this is known as reflexology. A foot and leg massage not only relaxes the muscles in your tired feet but also relaxes the rest of the body giving you holistic relaxation.

Now to add the Beauty.  Cuticles are pushed back, nails are clipped and filed into shaped and buffed slightly all in preparation for the nail enamel to make you feel beautiful. A base coat is applied, this stops the colour from staining the toe nails yellow and colour applied. Chose from OPI nail enamel, Morgan Taylor or for a longer lasting pedicure try a UV Gel Polish.  A top coat is applied and to end this beautiful process, cuticle oil  is applied to ensure the cuticle are rehydrated.

Now you can walk with confidence.