Top 5 Nail trends of 2014

Not only did 2014 see a bold and beautiful make-up come-back, nails also experienced a revival in the fashion world. Glamming it up was considered a definite fashion must-have, as we waved goodbye to the stately French Manicure of old. As with the make-up trends, nail looks were inspired, coated in golds, bolds and anything that catches the eye. Less was never enough and as long they made a statement, you couldn't make a wrong choice. Nails were tie-dyed, ombre'ed and literally became tiny works of art. Let's have a quick review...


Precious Gems
Bling was back! Pair those diamond encrusted nails with your favorite jewels and outshine everyone at the party.


All that glitters...was definitely gold! Metallics made a huge comeback in clothing, make-up and nails polish. Shorter nails were paired with matte or shiny polish, leaving nails with a gorgeous sheen.


Bold and colorful
As with lipstick colors, nails were paired in plain bold and bright colors.


Bordering on the slightly vampish, Stiletto nails made an entrance. Whilst not for everyday comfort, many celebrities were seen sporting the trend.


Sometimes cute and playful, other times quite ridiculous, nails were seen embellished with candy, cupcakes and tiny toys. It wasn't strange to sport a different style on each nail.



We're looking forward to entering to new year with all our global girls. Hope you enjoy the festive season and have a happy new year!