Take a BROW

Full eyebrows are the hottest look on the runways this season. Your brows are an accessory. Well-groomed brows give a more finished appearance. The trick is not to change the shape of your natural brow, but to subtly fill them in, following your natural line and shape to create a fuller look. Using the correct product to create this look is key! Here are a few tools you can use to get that fleek look.


Brushing of your eyebrows with an eyebrow brush is very important to keep the shape of your eyebrows in place. Eyebrow brushes have thick bristles that can grab and pull your eyebrow hair.  This is an especially important step in a grooming routine for anyone who has curly, coarse or unruly eyebrows.  Every day as you constantly brush your eyebrows into the correct shape, you are training your hairs how to behave. To properly brush your eyebrows, take the brush and start from the inside of your eye and brush to the outside corners.  Pull and sweep the hair to position your eyebrows in the right shape and ensure all of the hairs are facing the same direction.


If your brows are nearly invisible, pick a colour close to your hair's natural base tone. If you have dark brows and need to fill or thicken them, go with something one to two shades lighter than your hair colour (or darker for stronger brows), and if you have black hair, match them as closely as possible.


Don't go thicker than the natural width of your brows right above the side of your nose. The larger your eyes and lips are, the thicker your brows can be, and if you have a prominent brow bone, you can square them off a little bit more. Since your first strokes lay down the most colour, start at your arches, which are naturally the darkest part of your brows, and move toward the tail, finishing with the lightest application at the inner corners.

Put down those tweezers as thin brows are so yesterday. Make people stop and stare not by your fashion, nails or smile, but with those outstanding brows!