Perfectly Trending: Back to Business

With the festive season now well past us, it’s time to get back into routine and get down to business. Feeling like you don’t have enough time to make it all work?

Here are the 5 perfect trends to use to make your day work better with that business vs social life balance!


Always choose outfits during the day that can easily be transformed into a girl night out outfit in a second! We’re thinking in the line of black skinny pants (denims or other), high heels and a classy top. A nice dress could also work with this.

With something like this, you can throw on a casual jacket to go from successful business woman to social butterfly within minutes!

When applying makeup in the morning, plan ahead for what you have lined up for the day. For a cocktail party at the office you would rather want to wear something a little darker on the eyes as opposed to your natural colours for just a normal routine day. Smokey eyes are always a winner! And you can always apply red lipstick for a night out afterwards.

Perfect Tip: Darker eyes and redder lips will almost definitely ensure great photos!


For a day/night switch hairstyle, consider doing a natural bun for the day and just loose it down during the afternoon. Your hair will make a natural curl from the bun and also give it some volume for the night. The perfect combination. Using a little hairspray on the bun will enhance your volume even more, especially when you have naturally straight hair.



It might seem like something that wouldn’t bother you, but having a large handbag following you around when all you want to do is have fun, it might become heavy baggage to you. Pun intended. If you are a big handbag girl during the day, consider having a separate small purse for nights out. Make sure you have all your goodies already packed – from powder to lip gloss, so you can just grab your purse and go. Time is precious!



When choosing your outfit, choose accessories with it that can be used for both day and night functions. Look at the colour, the scale and style of the accessories and decide what will work for both types of activities you will be doing during the day.

Every second counts, so make your style work for you while focusing on having the time of your life – either at the office or on your night out!