No-heat hairstyles

Washing your hair every single day? You should stop. Really you should, because washing your hair too often can be pretty bad for it. Shampoo can strip your hair from its natural oils, when it’s not used moderation. For all you ladies who wash your hair once or twice daily, this may sound terrifying, but after a while your will start to see healthy and notable changes in your hair.

The problem with not washing your hair every day is that it usually starts to look greasy and stringy by the third day (or the second, if your locks are very oily). Sure, you can add some dry shampoo to your morning routine, but it feels something more needs to be done. Ponytails and simple buns can get boring fast, so why not do something cooler?

As long as you’re trying to keep your hair healthy, why not stay away from heat? Too much heat styling is really, REALLY bad for your hair. That’s why no-heat hairstyles are your friend, especially when you have dirty hair. The texture holds better and most of them will work for girls with long or short hair.

1. Three braids rolled into little buns

This one is so easy to do.

Step 1: Brush your hair and tease at the crown.
Step 2: Separate your hair into 3 parts horizontally across your head and make a pony out of each section. Braid each pony and tie with a hair elastic.
Step 3: Roll each braid up into a bun and secure it with a bobby pin.
Step 4: Pull or scrunch the buns a bit to create the a more relaxed and effortless look.
Step 5: And you’re done.

You can do this look with 2-5 braid depending on what you would like.

2. Wraps or head bands

For girls with long or medium length hair, try something like this. If your hair is super dirty, this is perfect, because the wrap will hide it and look cute. Make a high ponytail secure loose strand with a bobby pin and roll the ponytail into a bun and then add the head band or wrap.

3. Beach waves

Step 1:  Damp you hair a little bit.
Step 2: Put an elastic headband around your head, over your hair.
Step 3: Take a section of hair and twist it then loop it around a piece of the headband.
Step 4: Do step 3 until all your hair is looped around the headband and there are no more loose strands of hair.
Step 5; Go to sleep.
Step 6: In the morning, loosen you hair and then run your fingers though it. Your hair will relax after a few minutes (do not brush your hair).