Love songs to your skin

A love song is about being in love, falling in love or simply devotion in words. This month we would like to dedicate a love song to our skin, yes to our skin! When is the last time you loved and treated your skin? This could be the start of falling in love all over with your skin and devoting yourself to treating your skin. Whether you are still in love or if you need some inspiration to fall in love with your skin again, here are some of the top love songs of time, what love song would you sing to your skin?

We all have different body curves and edges, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t love all your perfect imperfections. John Legend sings it beautifully in “All of me”











There are days you should speak positivity over yourself and tell yourself you are amazing just like Bruno Mars states it in this song.










Your skin is a part of you, so why not keep it deep in your heart and take care of it every day.


Maybe the last song will speak to you when it comes to falling in love with your skin again. When was the last time that you have told your skin "I love you"? Taking care of your skin can ease all your troubles.












Remember to sing a love song to your skin this month, sing out loud in the car or while getting ready with your friends. Your skin will love you back.