The life long romance of self-love.

Oscar Wilde stated:
          “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”

This is probably one of the best pieces of advice ever given to us yet the hardest to fulfil successfully. Now this might seem a bit overrated to most people but in essence, if you take a good look at it, the way you treat yourself sets the foundation of how others will treat you.

The average person evaluates themselves or their situations approximately 300-400 times a day and most of those evaluations are negative. If your self-talk is of an unkind nature, it causes you to have these negative feelings which, in turn, robs you from the beautiful person you are destined to be. When you're unsure of who you are, it shows to those around you.

Just like any romantic relationship, it takes alot of trust, love, affection, respect and friendship to make things work. The same goes for having a self-loving relationship within yourself.

Just to confirm, self-love isn’t standing in front of a mirror, flirting with yourself or being so self-involved that people end up being irritated by you. Self-love is creating a structured, working relationship and channelling the inner you to be positive. Self-love is achieved and built by some of the most courageous daily attempts, it’s not something you miraculously achieve over-night. It’s a journey where every step teaches you to have a deeper appreciation for how far you’ve come and that you deserve much more gratitude than you have given yourself.

Building a self-loving relationship requires you to say ‘no’ to things you don’t agree with. It’s a process of owning your thoughts and opinions, refusing to be swayed in order the please others and thereby neglecting yourself. It’s being gentle on yourself, nourishing your body, mind and soul. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Gift yourself with forgiveness. Learn from these mistakes, rather than beating yourself down about them. It’s daring to believe that you’re capable of achieving the goals you set out for yourself and through that creating the life that you have visualized for yourself.

Last but not least; accept yourself for who you are. The moment you truly love and respect yourself, you will be free from the self-doubt. This will allow you to trust your feelings and the decisions you make and do it courageously without fearing failure or what others might think. You will forget your self-imposed limits and dare to dream bigger and wilder and live from the heart. You will stop focusing on the negative and become one with the unique beauty and endless possibilities you hold within yourself, which will open the pathways of gratitude to flow abundantly.

And you will wonder why you haven’t taken the time to fall in love with yourself earlier.