Let your skin laugh more often!

We have all heard the saying, “Laughter is the best medicine” right? A lot of studies have shown how laughter can be good for your body. Imagine taking a few years off your face without any surgery. Well laughter can do just that for you. Laughter acts as a natural anti-ageing agent that helps you look younger, feel active and also makes you fit, both mentally and physically.

A day without any laughter, is a day wasted. Have you had your dosage of laughter today? Laughter is more contagious than any cough, or even a sneeze. Laughter brings people together and triggers a healthy physical change in our bodies and exerts a positive effect on our health.

Laughter has a lot of advantages to your skin, this includes, fewer wrinkles, less eye puffiness, a firmer jawline and even relief from headache and eye strain. Laugh often and loudly. Enjoying a hearty laugh for no reason can nourish the skin by boosting collagen, improving blood flow to create a glowing face and relieving stress that creates frown lines and other wrinkles. Laughter may be compared to aerobic exercise and helps in supplying more oxygen to your body and brain. As a result you will feel more energetic and healthy.

Not only can laughter benefit you, but can benefit the people around you. When you smile, it shows others that you are friendly, kind and that you are welcoming a positive attraction. A smile generates happy thoughts and makes it easier to communicate. It makes others happy and demands a smile in return. The more you smile, the more happiness is generated.

What brings joy to your heart and makes you laugh? #WorldLaughterMonth