Introducing the Global Gang: Everyone fits our mold, because there isn't one.

At Perfect 10 we all come from different backgrounds, experiences, stages of life, genders and ethnicities. To us beauty is not a set standard but rather a fluid concept that differs in the eye of each individual beholder. To celebrate this diversity we would like to introduce a special set of characters into our Perfect 10 family.  

The Perfect 10 global gang consists of 10 very unique and diverse personalities who emanate a powerful message of beauty. They will remind you that Perfect 10 is a place where the uniqueness of your beauty is celebrated.  They will remind you that you don’t need to fit a mould to feel at home in a Perfect and that you can expect to receive 10 out of 10 service from our nationwide Nail & Body studios.

Each gang member is a book waiting to be read, once read results in a unique personality we believe that all of our customers can identify with.

You can look forward to getting to know the following members this year:


Self-made Fashion Designer and Guru. Strong independent daughter of Africa. Looking fabulous is my way of life. DIVA for all the right kind of reasons. 


I’m a mom - what’s your super power?


They call me Mr Know It All for a reason…logic over emotion. Appearance is as important as talent.


I don’t get old, but simply mature with age (like a good bottle of wine) Single and ready to mingle bring on the candy.


Media mogul and CEO for Wolf Media Pty Ltd.  Success is my empire.


Loving gran and mother. Nothing a good cookie and glass of milk can’t fix.


All things in life need a little sugar and spice. Embracing heritage and fusing with eclectic cultures to create my own unique identity.


Sun’s out, Guns out. Bring on the adventure. Dare Devil. Professional Surfer, rock climber and Personal trainer.


Free spirit. Tree Hugger. Book Lover. Meat is Murder.


Immense Swag. Will always speak my mind. Don’t ask my opinion if you are not ready to hear it.

This year really is going to be a special one. Our focus is to celebrate the diversity of beauty and we look forward to venturing on this exciting journey with you.