Hairstyles that will shave off some years

We've all had a bad hair-day, or even worse - a bad hairstyle! Sure it will grow back out, but not as fast as we would like. The wrong haircut or hair colour can add years to your face.

There are some common mistakes a lot of women make when it comes to their hair that makes them look older than they really are. Some off the most common mistakes are:

  • Too short hair  - especially in a conservative style will make you look “age-appropriate”.
  • Hair that is too long will drag your face down, giving you an “anti-facelift” long faced look.
  • Hair that is too dark will make thinning visible and could drain you from a natural radiance or glow, try adding some lighter tones around your face framing wisps.
  • Hair that is too light (such as platinum blonde) may also drain your skin from natural colours, try to add a few caramel or golden brown low lights.
  • You don’t know how to manage your graying hair. Gray hair doesn't have to add 10 years as long as you keep the color vibrant, on hair that's more than 50% gray, use a shampoo with blue or violet undertones to neutralize yellow (P.S. Gray hair is becoming a major trend in the world of hair styling).
  • Sporting a bold cut or color can also add years. Hairstylists equate it to wearing too-trendy clothes or overdoing your makeup. "Look for photos of celebrities your age with great then show your favorites to your stylist and ask which cut would suite you best.

Not to fear there are some hairstyles out there that are able to shave off some years from your face.

The classic Bob, it gives the face an instant lift by drawing onlookers' eyes up the diagonal from the chin to the nape of your neck. The angle creates the illusion of lifted cheekbones and a higher jaw, making the bob a great choice if your face is showing the effects of gravity and your skin is starting to sag.

Bangs are another way to bust out of a boring hairstyle: They usually make people look younger, ask for bangs that are full, not wispy (which can be aging), and that reach the center of your brows or try a longer, side-swept fringe. But skip both if you've got a stubborn cowlick or tight curls.

Choppy layers, a lot of short layers create fullness and volume, making this a good cut for those whose hair is a bit thinner on the sides or on top. Long hair lies flat and can show the scalp, but short, shaggy layers throughout help hide thinness.. They also add breadth to your face, counteracting gauntness.

Long hair is youthful, but keep it a tasteful length so you don't come across as “wannabe-teen”. It draws attention to and highlights the collarbone, a flattering area on women of any age. The soft layers in the front open up your face and make the style more modern than a blunt cut.