Global Girls Guide to a Red Christmas

Lets be realistic, Christmas in South Africa will probably never ever be white. The weather outside may be frightful, and the fire may be delightful but it South African terms that means that is nearly 33 degrees and the coals are ready for the braai.


So instead of a white Christmas the Global Girl chooses something to match the weather and our fiery temperament and we opt for a Red Christmas this year. Read our Global Girls Guide to a Red Christmas.


Tip Number 1

Create a holiday accent that adds a positive twits on traditional Christmas ornaments. A hanging ornament accent can be hung from your chandelier, ceiling, banister or any lofty space you would like to decorate. We are simply in love with this look.




Tip Number 2

Christmas table centrepieces that are immune to the December heat are hard to come by. Almost all flowers and plants will wilt within a matter of hours in our December heat. Use an old branch that you spray paint silver and decorate with ribbons and ornaments for wilt free Christmas table centrepiece.




Tip Number 3

Christmas wrapping may just be something that gets torn off in a hasty attempt to get the prize that awaits inside, but wrapping paper can say a lot about a package and make up a big part of the Christmas Décor. Here's a Red Christmas idea we like that is easy on the eyes and the budget.




Tip number 4

Space at home may be limited for a Christmas tree as big as our Christmas spirit, but a Christmas tree is such an integral part of the décor that we found this idea that overcomes the small space obstacle and feeds your need for something alternative.


From one Global Girl to another I want to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!!! We hope your Chirstmas is exactly everything you wanted it to be and even more.