Global Girls Guide to 2015

With the start of a New Year upon us we often resort to making stringent New Year’s resolutions we seldom end up keeping. But we believe strongly in the following 10 must do things for 2015.

  1. Let the Travel Bug take you:
    Get your Photo Taken in 5 interesting places
  2. Master a new skill:
    Be it a Party trick or a new language it will boost your self-esteem
  3. Break a record:
    Personal or even a world one!
  4. Meet new people:
    New friends can help you broaden your horizons and explore different sides of your own personality.
  5. Love the body you’ve got:
    Having a good relationship with your body will help you take care of it without obsessing over imperfections
  6. Nurture your inner child:
    Learn that thing you never learned to do.
  7. Try new foods:
    Broaden your horizons and enjoyment of food.
  8. Spice up your routine:
    Wear something you normally wouldn’t, order a different coffee, drive a different route to work.
  9. Be Kind:
    DO something nice for someone else every day.
  10. Make a list:
    of everything you are grateful for in your life. Never stop adding to this list.

Call it a bucket list if you like. But we guarantee that these 10 things will shape your soul into a newer and better you without the stringent exercise routine and fad diets, Happy 2015 Global Girls, Make it Unforgettable.