Gift yourself with glowing skin

Are you in desperate need of the perfect glow after your skin taken a turn down dull lane this Winter? Look no further than Nimue, who’s currently running an exclusive product promotion at Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studio.

Nimue has introduced its new Nimue Skin Classification Transdermal solution (TDS??) with concentrated active ingredients that can be used in conjuction with the Nimue professional chemical treatmeants to increase penetration and skin rejuvenation showing dramatic clinically tested results. Now in winter increased penetration and skin rejuvenation means one thing for your skin, beautiful glowing, youthful, hydrated skin and to woman dramatic results means “yes, please”.

The Nimue TDS?? range has been created according to 4 specific skin classifications with a specifically designed active ingredient per solution, it can reduce the appearance of wrinkles by over 85%, improves your skin health by 60% and The Nimue TDS?? will also be available to all 4 skin classification prescriptions, namely:

  1. Problematic
  2. Hyperpigmentation
  3. Enviromentally damaged
  4. Interactive

Now in order to rid yourself from the dullness what you need to do is book yourself a Nimue TDS?? facial at your favourite Prefect 10 studio for R499 and you will receive a complimentary Nimue Pre & Post serum worth R240. The pre & post serum is an intensive barrier repair serum that repairs the natural barrier of the skin to increase and improve active penetration.

As an added benefit for this Nimue offer, which is exclusively available at Perfect 10 studios, you can also buy The Nimue TDS?? starter kit for only R699 which is actually worth R1199, so you will save R500.

So instead of breaking your bank on products dulling you down, why not save some money on a product that will make you glow.