Different strokes for different folks

We have all heard saying, different strokes for different folks but mostly it comes across as an insult, when you do something that is against the opinion or standard ways of someone, you’ll hear a low smirk “Different strokes for different folks” creating the impression that your actions are not approved.

Given that we are ALL different in our own unique way, why do we need to judge and conform ourselves by what others expect from us, ending up with us cramming ourselves into their little frames of so called perfection. All this leading to being stripped from who we really are, losing our personal quirkiness and finally ending up being hollow, being part of the flow and not having that personal relationship with yourself anymore.

At the end of the day your opinion matters most, you are the only one who can feel the things you feel. So if the negativity builds up to where you feel like you are no longer you, here are a few helpful tricks to make you love who you are again and forget about the different folks who’s strokes are different to yours.

  • Make a list of reason why YOU love yourself
    We are so quick to believe when people say unkind & nasty things that we sometimes forget to notice and believe the beautiful & good things said about us.
  • Know that you are good enough ALL THE TIME
    Because you really are.
  • Really take time for yourself and treat yourself
    Whether it is a weekend away, a massage or a visit to your favourite salon. 
  • Listen to new types of music and dance like the world is ending
    Indie? Rap? Bollywood? Country? Try something new and enjoy it with your whole body.
  • Make some changes
    Throw out your scales. Change your boring alarm clock tone to something that makes you smile. Clean out your closet and donate the old stuff to charity. The list is endless.
  • Be Colourful and Vibrant
    If you can dress it, then be it in words and actions.
  • Recognise what and who you are is a miracle.
  • Stop trying to fit in
    It’s just conformity, which is the most boring thing ever! So what if people stare at you or don’t get it? Do you own thing and be proud of it.
  • Remember this every day: “The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me?” (Ayn Rand)
  • Don’t live your life online
    Even though we love our computers, it only represents such a small part of what life is all about and can have a huge influence on how we see ourselves. Getting out into the streets, parks, mountains or oceans is so healthy and vital. Unplug, do something different.