Brooches – The pin-up chic comeback

The jewellery world was taken by storm bt the comeback of the most versatile accessories, the Brooch. Receiving most recognition on the runways for some of the world’s leading fashion designers the brooch is now no longer a jewelry item only for elderly ladies at an Afternoon tea.

Whether vintage, fashion, home-made, quirky or fine, the brooch can be a fun and versatile item to have in your accessory box which can be dressed up and down. A cluster of vintage shape clips assembled on a jacket lapel, a wooden pin in a abstract or animal shape will add quirkiness to a button up shirt tucked into a high waisted skirt or an articulated gem set pin adds flirty femininity to an evening gown.

The whimsicality of the brooch does not stop at clothing, They can be used as hair accessories to finish off a style or clipped onto shoes, hats and handbags to add a little shine. Even men have been sporting brooches on suit jackets, like Karl Lagerfeld.

The range of designs out there are unlimited and anything goes when it comes to brooches. There is a perfect fit for each personality, from gold and glittery to abstract and artsy.

To get the perfect brooch just for you, find something that will elicit a smile, create a conversation or simply just catch  the eye.