Blog ( May 2015 )

These cold Winter months can really be harsh on your natural beauty. Here are a couple of keys that will unlock the mysteries to looking beautiful all year round.

Coconut water is the clear liquid found inside coconuts especially young green ones because they contain more of the actual coconut water substance than the mature brown shelled nuts. Coconut water is a tasty alternative to plain water and is loaded with natural nutrients (such as potassium also found in bananas and avocados) that hold a heap of benefits. These benefits range from health, beauty and fitness.

Yes, the best things in life really are free. No matter what it is, whether it’s a perfume sample in a magazine or a free food sample at the farmers market, which leaves you buying the product at some point to extend its pleasure even longer.

Men love women, it is in their blood. There are a lot of things that most men will find appealing in women but, it’s only natural that there are some things about women that they find even more attractive and it is (probably) not what you think. Because men are simple creatures, certain things appeal to them, similar to how certain things about us men, appeal to you. 

Only the best product and utensils are used with a Spa pedicure.  Beside for the air of relaxation we ensure that the pedicure environment is hygienic and all utensils have been disinfected. The Spa pedicure is an hour long, where clients enjoy extensive pampering while lounging in our comfortable pedi chairs.