Blog ( April 2015 )

When we are told we look good, it's almost always an emotion reflecting in your appearance! Happy people look and feel younger compared to unhappy people. No one lives in only one emotional space and luckily many of us are able to balance our emotions. However, your over-all emotional state is echoed on your day-to-day facial expression and it could be ageing you beyond your years.

With the right tricks, turning back the clock can be as simple as opening your makeup bag, now soft lighting and Vaseline-coated camera lenses aren't the only ways to blur the lines of aging.

Outrageous measures to stay young and beautiful is definitely not a new trend among people. For years, we've seen women and men go to great lengths to try and stop the ageing process. These days, we hardly have time to get used to one extreme beauty practice before being hit with the next new mysterious solution or treatment that has surfaced from some ancient writing.

We've all had a bad hair-day, or even worse - a bad hairstyle! Sure it will grow back out, but not as fast as we would like. The wrong haircut or hair colour can add years to your face.

American author Mark Twain noted that "life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of 80 and gradually approach 18.". How convenient would that have been to go through a reverse aging progress, knowing that you will get better and better looking as you age.

Do you foam at the mouth while you scroll through shoe catalogues or an online shoe shop? Do you consider a shopping spree a waste of time if you did not buy at least one pair of shoes? And do you laugh at the women out there who think owning one pair (maybe two) of neutral shoes that fits everything they wear is the better than having a pair for every outfit?

Ever since Cleopatra took milk baths to maintain her youthful appearance the urge of keeping a youthful glow has been seen among women throughout history. Below, we have listed some of the physical factors which can have an influence on your skin and its youthfulness.