Blog ( March 2015 )

Do you remember being a teenager? Going through the challenges of how to look “cool”. How we obsessed about clothes, hair, skin and generally how attractive we were. Then, we grow up, thankfully! Recent social studies revealed that physical appearance is no longer the only aspect that makes us attractive or as a matter of fact beautiful. Our personalities, confidence, emotions, social ease and life experiences plays a huge role on creating a foundation of how people view and perceive us.

Paris is known for being the Fashion Capitol of the world. It’s on every Fashion forward and trend orientated woman’s dream shopping destination list. Some of the headliners at the 2015 Spring/Summer shows included a 9 year old Chinese model walking the runway, Kirsten Stewart and Chanel magic in the Karl Lagerfeld hothouse.

There’s something about beautiful skin. Every woman (and even men) long to have perfect skin but it’s not something that we get freely or served on a silver platter, it’s something we need to work hard for and have patience to obtain it. The skin is known to be our largest organ of the human body and just as you need to take care of your hair, teeth, heart and other body parts you need to take care of your skin.

Washing your hair every single day? You should stop. Really you should, because washing your hair too often can be pretty bad for it. Shampoo can strip your hair from its natural oils, when it’s not used moderation. For all you ladies who wash your hair once or twice daily, this may sound terrifying, but after a while your will start to see healthy and notable changes in your hair.

You know that feeling 2 or 3 days after you’ve shaved. Gliding your hand over your legs, expecting the silky smooth feeling of a fairytale worthy Beauty, yet you end up wondering whether you accidentally glided your hand over the Beast to that Beauty, then realising the worst part – you’re the Beast! Yes, that feeling of those spiky new hairs growing back just a few days after you’ve shaved.

Accepting yourself, as you are, is sometimes easier said than done. Because we have so many factors influencing us. It's easy to be beautiful on the outside, but not always as easy to show your true beauty from the inside.

Yes you heard right waxing… and no we don’t mean that stuff you put on furniture or cars. We are referring to waxing the art of applying searing hot wax to your most delicate areas before ripping off what seems like metres of flesh all to result in silky smooth skin making it all worth it.