Blog ( October 2014 )

When writing your CV, think of yourself as a brand and how your brand is best suited for the advertised position. Try to convince the recruiters and prospective employers that your brand fulfils all the requirements needed and that you’re the best person for the job.

Neons can make you sallow. Pastels can make you look wan and gray. But jewel tones—from smoky quartz to pale citrine—make anyone look glowy. 

Chances are you already have one (or 10!) in your closet right now. Here's how to make the most of your LBD—and let your own style shine through.

Ladies, Breast Cancer Awareness Month is rolling around again! Hopefully, you have been vigilant and have been checking The Girl's regularly for any strange bumps that seem out of the ordinary. As always October will be awash with pink. Awareness campaigns will hand out cute pink ribbons, Facebook friends will post games and status updates in a fun attempt to raise awareness, retail stores will put their bra's on sale and you will, most probably, receive some form of chain-mail in your inbox.